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Meadow Made Vintage was born out of frustration.

The frustration that comes from searching for many a day at antique fairs and shops, discovering that wonderful vintage shelving unit you'd been looking for for years... was just too big to squeeze onto the dining room wall. Finding a lovely plate rack... only to discover your plates won't fit.

Tired of finding things that were 'not quite right', we decided to start making our own.


Then it began, vintage styled shelves with the correct space to display our pretty vintage finds. Being able to walk through the hall without side stepping crab-like because now we have a side unit that actually fits our hall.


Walking around our home with a sense of internal pleasure stemming from the fact that every room has furniture and accessories that just look... at home, in our home.


We discovered many others had the same problem, it's OK to want things in a different colour, a bit bigger or smaller.


So that's what Meadow Made Vintage is all about, providing our customers with custom made furniture and pretty vintage accessories that fit and look... at home, in their homes!