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A Meadow Made Kitchen Make Over

By meadowmadevintage, Apr 29 2013 10:13PM

It's been a long and very busy time since our last blog post. We've been working into the early morning hours, planning and making many new Meadow Made products which will be appearing on the site soon.

We have also been giving our kitchen a much needed make over. We have opened up the room by lightening the wall colour, added some lovely extra storage with a Meadow Made plate rack, a new Meadow Made shelf and rounded it off with a beautiful new fridge freezer.

All this was achieved whilst our children were home on half-term, and with our Meadow Made Vintage attention to detail in full swing.

Our decorating step by step;

Sheeting up

It wasn't practical to protected the floor with paper and plastic, as I would normally, due to the traffic and constant use our kitchen is always under. So extreme care was taken when I was wielding paint filled brushes and rollers!

Vacuum sanding

I used a vacuum and dust extraction sander, so although I did a lot of sanding I made very little dust.

Ceiling and coving

Sanded, then filled using acrylic caulk in all the gaps between walls and the coving. Then painted with 2 coats of matt white vinyl paint.


For the interior woodwork, I sanded, filled, and applied 3 coats of acrylic eggshell magnolia paint.


Sanded, filled, and painted. It took 3 coats to cover the old dark sage colour, of a scrub-able (5 sets of little children’s fingers = lots of scrubbing!) vinyl paint, in magnolia.

Next it was time to fit our new Meadow Made plate rack, over our fridge freezer and hang our Meadow Made shelf, both finished in F&B's All White.

And finally... the bit J (my world and wonderful wife) was impatiently waiting for... the chance to place, move and replace her vintage china and accessories!

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