Our products are hand crafted by us in Norfolk. Traditional, rustic, and vintage-style furniture, picture frames, house signs and accessories to complement and enhance our homes. Inspired by vintage items and styles we like. Our items are not mass produced, time is taken to ensure all of our products are of the highest standard, an item that will last, and provide years of use.

Oh dear...

By meadowmadevintage, Jan 27 2013 07:47PM

It seems that due to having 6 children, Christmas, New Year & 2 January birthdays, Meadow Made Vintage have been neglectful of our blog,

(mmmm... feel like a new, 'New Years Resolution' coming on?!)

However, we have (finally) found our way out from under all the wrapping paper, those horrible ties that weld toys to their packaging & have fought our way through the snow, ice & now flood water!!

Some great customer feedback images coming through to Meadow Made Vintage, thank you & keep them coming.

These will be posted soon... promise!!

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