Our products are hand crafted by us in Norfolk. Traditional, rustic, and vintage-style furniture, picture frames, house signs and accessories to complement and enhance our homes. Inspired by vintage items and styles we like. Our items are not mass produced, time is taken to ensure all of our products are of the highest standard, an item that will last, and provide years of use.

Social Media?!

By meadowmadevintage, Feb 20 2013 09:55PM

Again it's been a bit too long since our last blog post. We here at The Meadow have been trying to get our heads around the many forms of social media open to us all.

We have finally (I think!) managed to get a Meadow Made Twitter account up and running, and also a Meadow Made Pinterest one.

Hopefully, we will soon also have an Instagram account running for those of you out there using it.

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